Recyhub is…

A social enterprise which provides environment friendly tools to process e-waste for the informal sector.

We are in the process of researching and setting up our structure. We want to set up an e-waste innovation hub, a space that integrates e-waste related activities and tools, a marketplace for the e-waste recycling value chain. Committed to open-source, low cost, low tech, appropriate tools. All our tool designs and processes are available under CC-BY-SA.


RECYHUB is addressed to…

Recyhub’s target population are the people collecting, refurbishing and recycling e-waste in the informal sector.


RECYHUB offers…

We will provide e-waste recycling related tools and services at affordable prices. The activities we will support will be: collecting e-waste; shredding cables to extract copper; dissassembling computers; store materials.


Recyhub’s current toolkit enables:

  • e-waste collection
  • Cable shredding for metal reclamation
  • Computer disassembly
  • PCB storage