Tools in preparation

We are continuously thinking of new ideas to transform into tools for e-waste recycling. We also follow closely the work done by others, in case we can apply it. This is a list of the main tools we have in mind:

Cable stripper

We’re supporting two different projects to build a cable stripper: Obed, Emmanuel, Mathias and other students from Creativity Group, based in Ghana, are designing one, and Carla, from the London South Bank University, is creating another one for her final project.

Bicyclean PDB grinder

We’re very interested in this bike that grinds Printed Circuit Boards. Materials should then be separated. We’re looking forward for Bicyclean‘s future fieldwork in Ghana.

Cargo bikes

We like the work done by Wecyclers in Nigeria creating bike carts to collect waste. Similar models could replace the push-carts used today in Agbogbloshie.


Designing jewelry with parts of old computers is gaining traction (find two examples here and here). This brings up the value of the material. Could it work?

CRT collection

CRT glass can be recycled into glass and lead (for instance in the UK at SWEEEP). However this process is not cost-effective. How can we find a way to recover CRT glass?