Join us!

Join us!

We want to make this world a better place. We have chosen to do so by tackling e-waste, challenging the definition of “waste” and “resource”.

At the moment we are all volunteers, finding time to push the project after our daytime jobs. As our project matures, we are starting to look for start-up funding in order to take it to the next level. Recyhub’s collaborators are based in Europe (mostly) and India. Our geographical focus is, at the moment, Ghana.

We believe that solutions will not magically appear. We prefer not to wait for governments to solve issues. We are ready to implement some solutions and make them social, environmental, and financially sustainable right away. We don’t believe in bigger companies coming to save us. We believe that the way out is by building from the bottom up.

If you feel attracted by this… Join us!

As a member

Join your skills with our team’s if our vision resonates with you. We are most interested in hardware designers (to design and build new tools) and in materials specialists (to find value out of e-waste components such as plastics). If your expertise is different but complementary to ours, please drop us a line.

As an investor

We are submitting our proposals to different programmes in order to secure funding for our future research, product development, and market development. If you are interested in funding our work please contact us and we’ll discuss our business model and our plans for short and mid term.

As a partner

We work with local organisations in order to find out the ground reality and get our research right before starting activities. If your organisation is interested in tools for e-waste recycling, please contact us to discuss how we can share our work.

As a donor

We will use your donation to do good, to have impact in the lives of those recycling e-waste informally, to bring about open hardware tools, and to do more research, being transparent with our finances. Contact us to discuss the details.