Recyhub and Creativity Group partner to find solutions to e-waste in Agbogbloshie

During Recyhub’s fieldwork in 2014 we had the chance to meet and work together with students from KNUST (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology). They have created a team called Creativity Group, and they look actively to use science and technology for the common good. They had a particular interest in e-waste, and we worked together in assembling the cable shredder and building the quadcopter.

Recyhub wanted this cooperation to continue. That’s why we proposed an agreement: Creativity Group would continue to work on e-waste related activities, and Recyhub would fund their work with 500€. This quantity, which is not a lot for a European context, can be quite relevant in the Ghanaian economy. It should be able to fund some of their trips, expenses, and materials.

We’re linking here the first report of their work under this agreement. It’s a fact finding trip of 3 students, Obed, Emmanuel and Mathias, from Kumasi, where the University is based, to Agbogbloshie, to know about the place, contact the local workers, and meet with AMP, with whom the work will be coordinated.

One important outcome of the trip is the new focus on a cable stripper. Although Recyhub’s preference was for them to work on the cable shredder, those working on the ground prefer to move to a cable stripper. A different technology, still appropriate, that might make plastic insulation more easily sortable at the end.

We look forward to getting new developments from Creativity Group!